New colonial master’s time arrived

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie appears before MPs – watch live

SCL Group Limited
Christopher Wylie’s predisisor died in Keniya. Dan Mureşan. He working in India also.
CA worked extensively in india. has office.
Alexander Nix dont have background in psychology.
his father has share in company. he died. nix inherited shared.
aiq – aggregate iq.
black cube nigeria project. current presidet go access to privat mails and medical records. aiq was in it.
john cummins
2015 nov. they dont have any data. in 2 months got data.
aiq built rip on. sw.
alexander cogen’s app and facebook data was the foundation for CA. they spent 1 million dollars atleast for that.
public video – using facebook like to model psychographics.
ASI subcontractor for CA. provided lot of data scientists.
in UK independant campaign groups used aiq, which dont have any public prensence in UK. veterans for briton etc.
vote leave. 40% of leave spending went to aiq.
darren and shamir setup this company.
“totally illegal”
GSR – cogan company.
build psychological profile of people and pump messages. early adopters thet think why the news is not discussed in main stream media. eg, obama moved troups to texas.
All trends starts with group of people who adopt sth early. if you dinf those people in your data set you can catalize a trend
GSR is formed as a company to serve CA. it did not existed before.
DR Kaczynsky asked for half million dollars and 50% royalties. Cogan was asking only for data cost and paperworks. thats why cogan was selected.
survey respondent recruitment platforms – qualtrics, amazon mturk.
But cogan owns the data for research.
Palantir. NSA client. GCHQ. Sophie Shmidt doughter of google ceo eric schmidt worked for alexander nix. can we do somthing like palantir.
There are senior palantir employees working on facebook data.
palantir staffs and ca staffs meets both offices.
SCL – capture a govt. win an election. you get paid for that. but not get tonnes of money. then going to a minister and introduce him to a company and making deals for eg building new ports etc. minister approves the project. you get a cut of that deal.

you can be a colonial master of a country. privatized colonial operations.

facebook is most upset by this story.
when CA joined trump campagn, the same month Wylie got mail from facebook about the data, where is it, is it deleted etc?

get guardian story on dec 2015. harry davis?
data flow from facebook to out.

vote leave spent 2.7 million pound to aiq. brexit 5-7 million people are targeted by aiq.
conversion rate
eldon insurance data. leave eu.
performance reports on leave eu messaging.
insurance company data to target people in brexit.

200 elections they worked.
czech republic.
Luca oil? lukoil russian oil company.

rumor campaign in nigeria, disinformation in nigeriya, attitudinal innoculation in nigeria undermining confidence in civic institutions
SCL does projects for nato countries on anti-russian propaganda.
still they worked with russian company to profile americans
SCL runs stratcom center in latvia.

trinidad project, predicesor to ripon project.
aiq’s role was to find data. pulling isp data. and the deanonimize isp data.

he believe ca worked for congress. but did not worked nationally.
Dan Mureşan was working in india. he was paid by an indian billioner, who want congress to loose.

black cube is intimidating form
israeli private intelligence firsm will do anything if paid.

britney kaiser at lauch event of leave eu, who worked on a project that hacked now president nigeria.

scl defense. worked with uk defense research
on middle east.

irland. fb built a tool import data for users as per the request from …
fb saying they are too big to complay with data protection laws.

custom audience.

fb listern to audio, not just what you saying, but about the environment where you are. to improve the contexual value ad itself. are at office, shop, watching tv.
using mobile mic to know what you watching on tv.

harry davis article.

electricity is useful, but it can kill you. there are protective laws implemented to save us.
data is like electricity.
the rules and regulations did not stopped transportation tech or electric.
but diff is that the harm is very quickly assessed. you die if hit by a car.
data is different. you dont know harm happened or not.
national level if electrol db breached obama did not know the harm it caused. its the nature of information warfare. its really hard to evaluate harm related to data.
if go lower leverl if a small data breach happened to me then what harm happen to me. very hard to proove/ evaluate.

ca dont for making money. mercer funded. he is a billioner.
mercer is an investor in ca, so he dont have to show it public as pac investment. his candidates get service from ca on very cheap subsidized way.


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