Aadhaar forged to donate kidney

Kidney donors claiming to be relatives and giving fake personal details came to light at Narasaraopeta in Guntur district. Narasaraopeta tahsildar Vijaya Jyothy Kumari found that a person in no way related to the patient but claiming to be so, offered to donate his kidney, following which a complaint was lodged with the police. A native of Telangana furnished the Aadhaar card of one Ravi, of Prakash Nagar in Narasaraopeta, after changing the photo for kidney donation.

Investigation revealed that Mudavath Venkateswarlu Naik of Chandrakunta Thanda in Guntur district had moved to Telangana and was residing in Nalgonda district. He used a fake Aadhaar card in the name of Ravuri Ravi Chowdary, 12-3-35/1 door number, Prakash Nagar, Narasaraopeta, to ‘prove’ that he was a relative of Siva Ramakrishna, the patient in need of a kidney.

— source deccanchronicle.com


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